I got to start this site off on the right foot (pun intended), and give a shout out to my Dad.  In general, we are a bit of a wonky family, and so for his birthday this past weekend, we decided to eat Moroccan food and practice our *cough* *cough* bellydancing.  Sis came from across town and the parents drove down and we went to Dar Maghreb in Hollywood.  I’ve been there a few times, always a lot of food, never too crowded, and always thoroughly embarassing with the bellydancers.  Typically more booze is involved.  Sitting on the couches and eating with my hands in the ornate interior of the place seems to make me feel like I should be in the middle of some shady business deal.  I’m thanking my graces none of the pictures have gone live yet.  Stay tuned.


Dar Maghreb Restaurant


-Human Goat